TESLA has officially opened its new service centre in Chester.

It is one of four new locations the electric car company has opened in the UK, the others being in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Nottingham.

Chester is now home to the latest Tesla service location, which is situated in the Greyhound Retail Park at the former Evans Halshaw Ford car dealership at the junction of Sealand Road and Stadium Way.

As The Standard reported last month, the new Tesla service centre will service vehicles made by the electric car manufacturer, which has ridden a storm of popularity in recent years thanks to billionaire businessman Elon Musk.

Eight electric car charging points are also in place at the site – more than any other site in Chester.

There are now 26 Tesla locations in the UK, including 19 service centres, 16 of which contain showrooms, and seven retail-only locations.

All new sites, including at Chester, are available to support Tesla’s digital experience and are placed on easily accessible routes.

Tesla is a tech company which says it applies '21st century thinking' to car purchase and ownership.

All car buying is done online, regardless of whether customers are at home or choose to place an order in store.

For those wanting to test drive, the car company can use the connected nature of our cars to provide you with an independent experience. 

For example, people can organise a touchless test drive online, do the ‘paperwork’ in advance over email, come to any of the new locations and Tesla will unlock the car for you. At this point, the customer will find a readily clean car to use for a test drive and a video tutorial on screen to enhance the experience – and simply return when finished.

All help can be given over the phone or socially distanced in store and, if requested, an order can be placed online at your leisure.   

Tesla also operates a touchless service experience.

A touchless experience starts with the Tesla App, organising a service appointment, uploading information on the issue as well as pictures if needed.

With remote information, Tesla can pre-diagnose the issue and, where possible, fix the car with a software update. 

If that isn’t possible, the mobile service tech will turn up on the Tesla owner's driveway or work location and, with their permission, can unlock the car remotely.

Once work is completed, the mobile technician will lock the car and get on their way. 

When a service centre appointment is needed, for example if a lift is required, Tesla owners can arrange a touchless drop-off of their car at the service centre and a readily cleaned loaner can be unlocked for use.

For any non-warranty work, Tesla owners can approve their estimate and pay for their service the way they booked it, through their Tesla App, and then collect their car without having to step into any Tesla locations.