A resident of a care home in Chester had the opportunity to relive her passion for golf due to Care UK's Deewater Grange staff's initiative.

After discovering that 83-year old resident Eileen Wagstaff was a golf enthusiast for 45 years and a former captain of Tunshill Golf Club, the team arranged a visit to a local driving range.

Ms Wagstaff, originally from Rochdale, had played at notable golf clubs including Whittaker, Springfield Park, and Werneth Low.

Her successful golfing journey took her to South Africa and saw her become Team Captain at Tunshill.

During the recent trip, Ms Wagstaff was able to practice golfing skills at Sandfield Golf Course and driving range.

Ms Wagstaff has said: "I was thrilled with the opportunity to visit the driving range and loved swinging my clubs again.

"I loved being the Ladies Team Captain, these were my happy days."

Her wish was fulfilled as part of the home’s Wishing Tree initiative, where residents are encouraged to realise their dreams, allowing them to reconnect with a past hobby or try something new.

This experience might range from a fish and chip supper to flying a plane.

Home manager Sally Cooper praised this initiative as "a brilliant way for residents to share their dreams and interests and enable them to reminisce on their younger years."

Ms Cooper also highlighted Ms Wagstaff's enthusiasm for golf and expressed her joy in seeing Eileen play once more.

For more information about Deewater Grange, contact Customer Relations Manager, Andrew Kenny.