Primary school pupils have embarked on a ten-week sign language course.

All the children in years 2 to 6 at Bishop Wilson Primary School in Burton are taking part in the Hands Project that has been developed by Deaf Active, a small charitable organization who are funded by the Big Lottery to deliver British Sign Language (BSL) sessions into Primary Schools within the Merseyside area.

Deaf Active said: “It is simply amazing to see how quickly the children learn a new language within a relatively short period of time, not to mention how their confidence levels grow.

“We are extremely proud of the children who have been through the ten week programs and their attitudes towards sign language and deafness.  They have opened their minds and hearts to the language and learned a real skill that they can carry with them into their communities.  They complete the program with the ability to hold a basic conversation with a deaf person and support our vision, to reduce the language barrier.”

The program is designed and delivered by both hearing and deaf coaches.  At the end of the ten weeks the children will present a signed performance that includes three songs to the rest of the school. 

So far, the project has given more than 40,000 children, aged between two and 11, the opportunity to learn sign language and communicate with their deaf friends.