The ten retro videogames that could be worth hundreds of pounds have been revealed.

Research was carried out by Rainbow Riches Casino who asked expert dealers at Console Passion to discover the most surprisingly valuable retro games that keen players may have come across during their gaming, or, even better, have stashed away in the loft.

Gamers may be surprised to hear that they could help fund the purchase of the latest PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X if they are in possession of the right games, some of which could have values up to and over £800.

Here's a list of the top ten games that could fetch hundreds of pounds.

Gargoyle's Quest II – Nintendo Entertainment System (Estimated Value £200+), released July 17, 1992

Casting you as the plucky, gliding, gargoyle of the title, this early ‘90s fantasy adventure has somewhat vanished from most people’s memories - despite its colourful graphics and dungeon-crawling action. That might explain its rare, collectable value.

Suikoden 2 – Sony PlayStation (Estimated Value £250+), released December 17, 1998

Arriving at a similar time to JRPG juggernauts like Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX, Konami’s visually outdated experience was widely overlooked in its day – but is now considered something of a forgotten classic.

Clock Tower – Sony PlayStation (Estimated Value £300+), released September 14, 1995

Very much the cult, surreal chiller to Resident Evil’s console-conquering survival horror, the PlayStation release of Clock Tower did not set the sales charts alight. But those who braved its tense encounters with ‘Scissorman’ have many a spooky tale to tell.

Panzer Dragoon Saga – Sega Saturn (Estimated Value £300+), released January 29, 1998

Hailed as one of the greatest JRPGs of its generation, and a highlight of SEGA’s Saturn console, Panzer Dragoon Saga was beloved by critics – but did not sell well in Europe.

Its high regard and relative scarcity make it a prized possession for collectors.

Masters of Combat – Sega Master System (Estimated Value £300+), released in 1993

While the name ‘Street Fighter’ has endured long and proudly through the annals of gaming history, fate has not been as kind to SEGA’s own early ‘90s beat ‘em up Masters of Combat. It remains a true curiosity.

Donkey Kong Jr Math – Nintendo Entertainment System (Estimated Value £300+), released December 12, 1983

Combine the iconic image of an arcade legend with an 8-Bit oddity that asks gamers to solve maths problems, and you end up with quite the collectible.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Limited Edition) – Sony PlayStation (Estimated Value £350+), released October 2, 1997

Highly sought-after due to the inclusion of rare artwork and the game’s soundtrack.

The value of this PlayStation title is also enhanced by the sheer adoration in which the side scrolling Metroidvania classic is held.

San Francisco Rush 2049 – N64 (Estimated Value £400+), released October 1999

This futuristic racer featuring rocket boosters, stunts and more could be seen as an answer to the likes of Wipeout – especially given its cool dance soundtrack.

Often forgotten among the mainstream today, it maintains true cult appeal.

The Death and Return of Superman – Sega Megadrive (Estimated Value £500+), released November 27, 2011

Comic book properties definitely aren’t a modern invention, and back in the ‘90s Superman spent his time rampaging around, punching bad guys, in this Streets of Rage style outing.

Megaman X3 – Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Estimated Value £800+), released December 1, 1995

The final SNES entry in the hugely popular Mega Man X series likely suffered commercially at the time, as attention turned to the new 32-Bit consoles.

With original cartridges in short supply, but the character as popular as ever among fans, it is now a highly desired collectible.