A TEENAGER from Ellesmere Port has been given an award by Cheshire Police after she helped a woman who had been the victim of domestic violence.

Demi O’Sullivan, 13, a pupil at Whitby High School, was walking home from the park when she saw a woman sat on her doorstep who was upset and bleeding from a wound to her head.

Demi with Acting Chief Constable Janette McCormick 

Demi went over to her and asked what had happened and was told that the woman’s boyfriend had thrown a mug at her and thrown her out of the house along with some of her belongings.

She said: “I called the police and ambulance on her phone and took her around the corner, away from the house. I then ran home to get a cloth. My mum was in and she came with me to help.”

Demi’s mum, Bernie, said: “She was out the door telling me to quickly get a cloth and she was running off and trying to tell me what happened.

“I was made up with what Demi had done. Especially as three other people just walked past and didn’t do anything. The girl was very upset and Demi was amazing with her.”

Demi and Bernie stayed with the woman until the police arrived and gave her first aid.

Demi said that she helped because the woman was upset.

She added: “She was crying and I didn’t want to see someone hurt like that and I wanted to see something done about it.”

PC Steph Allison, who was the officer first on the scene, said: “I turned up and was presented with the lady who was injured and Demi told me everything which happened. It was amazing how brave she was. She did everything she should have done and completely took control of the situation.”

Demi plays with sniffer dog Sidney

As a thank you PC Allison and Acting Chief Constable Janette McCormick gave Demi and her mum a tour of Police HQ in Winsford which included meeting one of the force’s sniffer dogs, Sidney, a tour of the firearms department and a look around the different vehicles used by the police.

Demi was also presented with a £40 gift card and certificate of appreciation from Cheshire Constabulary.