A LUCKLESS thief broke into a car in Chester on a freezing cold night – but only found an ice scraper, a can of de-icer and a pair of gloves to steal.

Nevertheless, police have warned people to be on their guard after a spate of thefts from cars and sheds was reported in the Upton area over the past week.

First up, fishing equipment was reported stolen from a car on Gawer Park at around 2.15pm on Thursday, March 1.

Then at around 12.27am on Sunday, March 4, the ice-scraper thief struck on Kingsmead and made off with his or her disappointing haul.

However, at 8.17am that morning it was discovered that three bikes had been stolen from a shed on Gatesheath Drive.

And later at 7pm a would-be thief broke into a shed on Alpraham Crescent but left empty-handed.

Police tweeted: “There has been a spate of vehicle and shed break-ins over the weekend in the Upton area. Please check your vehicles and out buildings and report any break ins or suspicious behaviour to 101.”