There was a surprise waiting for police when they rushed to a suspected burglary at an Ellesmere Port pub.  At about 1am today (Monday, February 19), officers received reports of 'suspicious activity' at The Woodland on Chester Road.  The pub's alarm was also going off – but no burglary had taken place. After a search of the premises, police found a man locked in the gents' toilets.  Ellesmere Port Police wrote on their Facebook page: "We just responded to a report of an alarm at a pub in the Port, possibly an intruder downstairs.

"Having made entry hoping to snare a burglar, we actually freed a customer stuck in the toilets. Somewhat red-faced but innocent, he's been driven home after his 'lock in."

A spokesman for Cheshire Police added: "At approximately 1am on Monday, officers were called reports of suspicious activity at The Woodland pub on Chester Road, Whitby, following reports of an alarm activation.

"Officers swiftly attended the scene and conducted a full search of the premises, during which they located a member of the public who was locked in the toilets."