A CAFÉ in Ellesmere Port is serving its homemade treats with a side of sustainability thanks to an ongoing recycling partnership.

Grace Tea Room, on Whitby Road, has partnered with Keenan Recycling to ensure that tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells, and bread crusts from their thriving afternoon tea service are diverted from landfills and transformed into valuable resources, such as compost.

Owned and operated by the environmentally conscious duo of Lizzie and Cat, Grace Tea Room prioritises local sourcing and caters to a full range of dietary needs.

They were the first Ellesmere Port business to achieve Plastic Free Champion status, a testament to their dedication to minimising their environmental footprint.

(Image: Keenan Recycling)

“Partnering with Keenan Recycling felt like a natural fit,” says Lizzie.

“Sustainability is incredibly important to us, and Keenan's innovative circular economy model for food waste recycling perfectly aligns with our goals.”

“Knowing that our waste is recycled and potentially even used to power businesses like ours is fantastic.

“It allows us to complete the circle and contribute to a greener future for our community.”

Keenan Recycling is the UK’s largest food waste collection company and collects food from every postcode in Wales, Scotland and England via its own fleet. This waste can then be converted into compost, renewable electricity, gas, heat, or fuel.

For more information on Keenan Recycling and how your business can join the fight against food waste, visit: Get A Quote - Keenan Recycling.