Prospective jury members in the retrial of Lucy Letby have been warned not to conduct research of their own into the case.

On Monday at Manchester Crown Court, the former neonatal nurse's retrial, over an allegation that she tried to murder a baby girl in February 2016, began.

A panel of 43 potential members of the jury were called into the courtroom on Monday, where trial judge Mr Justice James Goss explained they were to come back to the court the following day, for further jury selection processes to take place.

He said while the panel was aware there had been a previous trial, he urged all 43 not to conduct independent research into the case or discuss it with anyone, warning that to do so would be seen as contempt of court, for which they could go to prison.

Mr Justice Goss told the jury panel he had to deal with "questions of law" before their return at 2pm on Tuesday.