A 14-YEAR-OLD has opened his own darts shop.

Upstart Darts opened for business in Middlewich this month, with Ellesmere College pupil Raymond Leese at the helm.

It was the meteoric rise of Premier League champion, Luke Littler, that inspired Raymond to open the shop on Booth Lane.

Raymond’s father, Julian, said: “Luke managed to achieve his goals at a very young age which gave Raymond the motivation to do the same thing.

“Luke’s success story showed him that if he wants to achieve something, regardless of how young he is, reaching your goals is possible if you put in the effort, motivating Raymond to open the darts shop.

“He is very excited and over the moon that he can do business based on his passion and bring together a community of darts players in the local area to support each other and enjoy the sport together.”

Raymond added: "It was on February 17th, on the way to Liverpool, I asked my parents to open a darts shop.

"They said yes on one condition - that I have to lead the project and make it happen the way I want it to be.

"Crazy parents but there wouldn't be Upstart Darts without their support!"

The Ellesmere College pupil will run the shop alongside his studiesThe Ellesmere College pupil will run the shop alongside his studies (Image: Supplied)

Raymond is also hoping to replicate his idol’s success at the oche.

“He hasn’t yet participated in any competitions but he wants to be come a professional darts player and be a successful one, so participating in competitions is definitely something he is looking in to," Julian added.

"Who knows we may have a new Luke Littler in the house!”

Middlewich resident Raymond is currently in year nine at Ellesmere College, where he is a goalkeeper for his school team that will play in the Gothia Cup in Sweden later this year.

He will run the shop alongside his studies, opening only at weekends.

The shop, on Booth Lane, opens only at weekendsThe shop, on Booth Lane, opens only at weekends (Image: Supplied)

Upstart Darts opened its doors at the start of June and has got off to a flying start.

Julian, 51, said: “So far he enjoys doing everything. We never pressured him as long as he is happy we are happy to support him!

“His school has also been really supportive. He can develop his ideas and business plans in some lessons with his friends.

“My wife and I are so proud of him getting his project this far. As parents, we fully support and behind him whatever ventures he comes up with. All we ask is that he needs to show us the commitment that he is serious and really wants to do it.

“We think that building these business and community engagement skills on his own accord will be very beneficial for him to learn some important life skills.”