DROVES of people waited on the streets of Chester today (Friday, June 7) to catch a glimpse of the Duke of Westminster and his bride-to-be Olivia Henson.

Many arrived several hours before the ceremony was scheduled to start, with some celebrating the occasion with Union Jack flags, scarves and even ponchos.

The weather held and by the time that the Duke’s bride appeared, stepping out of a black vintage Bentley, the streets around Town Hall Square were packed.

Liz Lucas, of Curzon Park, said: “I think it’s a great turnout, we were a little bit worried when we first got here at nine o’clock that it was really quiet.

“But it’s really busy and it’s lovely to see so many people supporting [the couple] and coming to wish them well.”

Jo Davies, also from Chester, said: “My friends and I are delighted to be here to celebrate the duke and Olivia’s wedding, it’s a great day for Chester and it’s wonderful to see so many people out and enjoying it.”

Jo Davies (right) enjoyed the day alongside her friends.Jo Davies (right) enjoyed the day alongside her friends. (Image: Matthew Dougherty)
For many, the spectacle was too good to miss, with the chance to see other members of the royal family.

“I’d like to see as many royals as possible,” added Liz. “I think we missed Prince William going in already so we’re all a bit concerned whether we’re not on the right side.”

Others mentioned seeing Prince William, Prince George and others, with guests filtering into the Cathedral via a side entrance.

For some the event was not their first time they had been to see royalty.

Both Julia Williams and Shelley Boynton had been to London for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, with Shelley also going to see the late Queen and Meghan Markle’s visit to the city in 2017.

They arrived this morning at around 7.30am.

Julia and Shelley had dressed for the occasion.Julia and Shelley had dressed for the occasion. (Image: Matthew Dougherty)

Julia said: “I think it’s been phenomenal really, it’s surpassed my expectations.

“We were hoping to see a few more of the royals, but the bride looked stunning and we got a wave from the duke. It was just lovely to be here and to interact with everybody.”

Shelley added: “I think the late duke was really popular and I think his death was quite untimely, but I think the talk of the new duke coming to be more permanent in Chester has definitely helped to gee people up and made them want to show their support for him and his new wife.”

The duke’s work within Chester was mentioned by several people, including Sally Inkster, who said: “I actually think that the duke is very good to Chester, quietly.

“He doesn’t shout about it, he does lots of good work, for example he arranged the free ice cream and the flowers for today.

“He’s here and he wants to stay here and invest in the city, I think that’s good and I’ll support anyone who wishes to do that.”

Sally was also one of the first to arrive and ate breakfast whilst watching other visitors arrive.

There was some controversy however when two women, understood to be Just Stop Oil protestors, released an orange smoke cannister outside of the Cathedral.

The pair were taken arrested at the scene.

Sally said: “They seemed a bit eccentric, but perfectly nice and we had been chatting to them beforehand.”

Jo Davies also mentioned the two women saying: “It had been incredibly polite until our friend over there decided to set off the orange smoke over there, but otherwise it’s been a brilliant day.”