WITH the Duke of Westminster’s wedding fast approaching, we spoke to an independent clothes store about what guests and attendees might wear to the special event.

Hugh Grosvenor will marry Olivia Henson on Friday, June 7, at Chester Cathedral with crowds of people set to descend on the city to try and catch a glimpse of the couple and their guests.

As with any royal event, close attention will be paid to elegant dresses and smart suits worn by those in the wedding party.

Hilary James, co-owner of Wardrobe at the Cross, a independent women’s boutique in Neston, believes there will be a mixture of classic styles with contemporary updates and plenty of nods to British designers.

Hilary said: “We're noticing a blend of classic elegance with a modern twist for this season's wedding trends. Guests at the Duke's wedding will likely embrace bold colours, sustainable fabrics, and statement accessories.”

Hilary says that a growing focus on sustainability within the fashion industry, means guests will opt for outfits with eco-friendly fabrics or vintage pieces to ensure they are stylish but sustainable. The rental fashion market has also seen a marked increase in recent years, allowing guests to don high-end designer outfits without the hefty price tag.

Hilary said: “I am seeing more senior royals wearing rental fashion because of the eco-fashion movement. They want to support British brands, but they also want to do so sustainably.

“The feeling is that they shouldn’t just buy dress, after dress, after dress, as it’s not good for the environment.”

Hilary also says that some guests may choose bolder hues and patterns, such as vibrant greens, deep blues, and floral and geometric patterns, that are proving popular on the catwalk this season.

Although, those who are aiming for a more understated look will make use of traditional pastel colours.

It is also likely that we will see statement hats or fascinators, chic clutches, and elegant jewellery, with pearls and vintage-inspired pieces particularly on trend.

Hilary added: “Considering the cobbled streets around Chester Cathedral, practical yet stylish footwear will be essential. Comfort is key, especially with the forecast of mild temperatures and the possibility of light showers. We expect guests to choose versatile outfits that transition seamlessly from day to night.”

Crowds are expected to line the streets for the event later today (Friday, June 7).

You can see more hand-picked pieces and information from Hilary at: https://www.wardrobeatthecross.co.uk/