WORKFORCES in Cheshire are being given a health and wellbeing boost.

Motherwell Cheshire has launched a 'pioneering' new initiative – Learning Well Training and Wellbeing.

The social enterprise seeks to support men and women employed in private, public and non-profit sectors.

Founder Kate Blakemore, a qualified counsellor, said: “Learning Well stands as a dedicated training centre, committed to fostering understanding, growth and positive change. 

“The aim now is to work with employers to support all their team members and create an environment where they feel valued and empowered through our workshops, consultancy and ongoing training.”

Chester and District Standard: Kate Blakemore, founder of Motherwell Cheshire and the new Learning Well initiative Kate Blakemore, founder of Motherwell Cheshire and the new Learning Well initiative (Image: Supplied)

Learning Well Training and Wellbeing Centre includes counsellors and specialist trainers, many of whom hold formal teaching qualifications.

A Learning Well subscription allows employers to tap into a wide range of resources including monthly online professional development workshops, a library of wellness factsheets, a monthly newsletter and a culture consultancy to address their specific needs.

The workshops cover a wide range of issues from stress management and depression to developing a positive work-life balance, building mental resilience, supporting mothers back into work and increasing understanding of menopause.

Chester and District Standard: Learning Well provides employers with a wide range of resourcesLearning Well provides employers with a wide range of resources (Image: Supplied)

Kate, who worked in retail and project management before establishing health and wellbeing charity Motherwell Cheshire, added: “Life throws up all kinds of challenges which affect people at work and we understand things from the employee and business owner perspective.

“A good employer promotes an environment which is nurturing, harmonious and supportive. Those who actively pursue workplace wellness reap the rewards of increased productivity and fewer absences.

“Being able to thrive professionally is also essential to personal life outside work and we have carefully devised Learning Well services to meet the needs of men and women throughout their life journey.

“Businesses can opt in to as much support as needed via ad-hoc services or they can subscribe to a longer-term wellbeing strategy that will enhance their reputation and support recruitment.”