A Chester writer and actor has received and been nominated for top awards following star performances as alter-egos in her debut play.

Sara Jane Harvey, who wrote, researched and rehearsed in Chester, has been nominated for the Supajam Education Outstanding Neurodiverse Performance Award after her performances as alter-egos ‘Mike’, ‘Elliott’ and ‘Host’ in her debut play ‘Neurochatter’ at Brighton Fringe.

Neurochatter has also won this year’s highly competitive Edinburgh Fringe ‘Keep it Fringe’ Fund award, founded by Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Out of over 700 applications, Sara’s play was selected along with 180 Keep it Fringe recipients.

Recipient of this year ‘Keep it Fringe’ Fund, Neurochatter follows one actor, as she embodies her three alter egos in this tragicomedy psycho-drama; recounting the fragmentation of her mind and what it took to confront her rupture in psyche and self.

Sara Jane Harveys debut Fringe theatre entry has received top recognition.

Sara Jane Harvey's debut Fringe theatre entry has received top recognition.

Sara said: “To learn that my work has been selected by Edinburgh Fringe for the Keep it Fringe Fund and recognised before judges at Brighton Fringe for Outstanding Performance, during my first ever performances is an honour.

"It has been a privilege to finally show to audiences what I’ve experienced in isolation and during my most vulnerable moments of mental unclarity.

"As an emerging playwright and performer, receiving this recognition and support is the difference between sinking and swimming; I’m looking forward to premiering my show to Edinburgh Fringe in the summer.”

NeuroChatter is an autobiographical portrayal of the artist’s lived experiences of being treated for a dissociative condition and post traumatic stress. With many misrepresentations of mental health, Sara hopes to challenge that narrative with a more humanising approach, exploring trauma's impact upon identity and the inner workings of the mind.

Sara J Harvey is an autistic writer and actor from Chester; is trained in somatic psychology, applied neuroscience and is a keen educator and researcher of trauma therapy, autism and dissociative conditions.