A woman makes £5k-a-month on OnlyFans by pretending to have broken legs and putting on leg casts. 

Chloe Welsh, 36, broke both her feet seven years ago after falling out of a taxi. 

In June 2017 she was due to start a new job, but unable to walk, her contract was terminated leaving her out of pocket and forced to sell her house.  

However, in lockdown in 2020, the Wrexham woman decided to start doing OnlyFans, and received an odd request to perform content while in a leg cast. 

Chester and District Standard:

Chloe, said: “I thought, well I’d been in a cast before, so why not?” 

“It's bizarre, but I think it’s the whole damsel in distress fetish.” 

Chloe now spends hours making her own casts from plaster of Paris and taking requests from her dedicated followers on OnlyFans. 

She said: “It’s quite hard, and it’s a nightmare getting it off, but it’s such good money! 

“I’ve even got crutches to go along with the look now, it’s really taken off.”

Chester and District Standard:

Among the requests Chloe gets are pretending her neck and legs are broken while she has also had a request to wear a full body cast, which she says she would only do for a lot of money. 

“I’ve got all the equipment, making the cast is hard, it’s so messy and trying to remove it is horrible – I do it all myself” 

Chloe has also been requested by someone to have all her limbs in a cast and wear a fake pregnancy belly - while sitting in a wheelchair.

“Nothing fazes me with this industry,” she said.  

Prior to doing adult content, Chloe had been in the modelling industry for 13 years, but her monthly salary now dwarves anything she used to get.  

“I get £5,000 per month just from doing cast stuff cause it’s so niche.” 

Chester and District Standard:

Chloe's main breadwinner however is wearing stockings, tights, and pantyhose. 

In total she rakes in £40,000 a month.  

She says she sees herself continuing create niche adult content. 

“I’ve always been asked to do weird stuff, I’ve been chained down to chair and tickled, I’m pretty open minded.” 

“I could never earn that kind of money from a normal job, and think I could carry on doing it forever really."