The Wirral Open Studio Tour is back in June, and one of the artists involved is asking visitors to make their mark on two pieces of art.

Artist, Emma Hollingworth, is eagerly preparing for the event running from 7th to 9th June, where she wants visitors to contribute to two of her works in progress.

Ms Hollingworth said: "They are themed on our local area and will be in the early stages.

"Visitors can use prompts and contribute to the works and once the weekend is done I’ll bring them to completion."

Chester and District Standard: Emma Hollingworth wants people to get involved

After the event, Ms Hollingworth plans to complete the artworks and sell or auction them to raise funds for the area.

Ms Hollingworth added: "I’m hoping I can have them shown and go on to sell/auction them to raise money for the local area."

She hopes the canvases, which can fetch thousands, might inject some extra cash into the Neston area.

But that’s not all from Hollingworth's studio.

She said: "I’m also running a giveaway that every visitor to my studio can enter, and prizes include vouchers, art prints and an original artwork worth hundreds of pounds."

Furthermore, the artist aims to promote the connection between art, health, and wellbeing.

By providing handouts to all visitors, she intends to amp up awareness around this beneficial bond.

Ms Hollingworth will be in studio one, and to find out more about the event visit