A NEW hydrotherapy venue is offering dog owners and their pets the chance to try dock-diving alongside traditional swimming and rehabilitation services.

Jump In Dog Therapy, near Tarvin, opened in January following the closure of Beachin Dog Therapy in November 2023. At 5m deep and 11m long, the pool is the Northwest’s largest canine swimming facility, and UK’s first all-year-round dive centre.

Dock-diving, in which dogs compete to see who can jump the furthest into the pool, is a hugely popular sport across the US.

Jump In Dog Therapy owner Susie Jump said: “People are still learning about dock-diving.

“In the UK we really only do dock-diving at summer fetes and agricultural shows.

“It’s basically a 30ft pool with a dock and the dogs run along dock and throw themselves into the water and the one who jumps the furthest wins.

“It’s great fun for the animals.”

Chester and District Standard: Susie Jump opened Jump In Dog Therapy in January.Susie Jump opened Jump In Dog Therapy in January. (Image: Jump In Dog Therapy)

Beachin Dog Therapy had traded for 35 years with some 3,000 owners on its register, and more than 600 dogs swimming on a regular basis. Its closure was a massive loss to the many owners who travelled from across the region.

The new venue continues to offer the many beneficial services that the previous one had become so popular for, alongside the new sport.

Susie said: “We do a lot of fun swims that are great for reactive dogs and provide a space where they can exercise in a safe environment and it’s good for their health and wellbeing.

“We just want to help as many dogs as possible and help people improve their relationships with their dogs.

“Seeing those people enjoy themselves alongside their pets, that’s what it’s all about.”

Jump In Dog Therapy has a trained canine hydro therapist who can provide rehabilitation plans for pets’ post-surgery and also provides puppy swims and swims for elderly dogs.

Susie said: “I’ve worked for rescues, and I’ve seen the bad side of pet ownership, but this is great because everyone adores their dogs and they’re there because they love it.

“It’s great to watch the dogs go through the process [of rehabilitation] and people will keep coming. It’s nice to see people who care about their animals so much.”

The new facility is already going from strength to strength, and Susie hopes more owners will be able to reap the benefits.

“A lot of people want their dogs to try swimming and might not have the opportunity to or are scared of letting them out into streams or lakes where they may be currents or algae.

“It’s a safe environment and we’re all very dog-savvy so we can deal with reactive dogs and its great bonding for owners and their pets.”

More information about Jump In Dog Therapy is available at: https://www.dogtherapypool.co.uk/ or via Facebook.