Chester is set to become a leading fashion hub as it prepares to host the Porsche Centre Chester Cheshire Fashion Week 2024 this summer.

The event is set to take place from June 13-15, and it will feature a focus on sustainable fashion.

This innovative event aims to showcase Chester as a unique fashion destination, while incorporating Cheshire's high street trends.

The event is sponsored by Porsche Automotive at Porsche Centre Chester, which is making a robust push towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Spanning several venues, such as Chester Cathedral and the Abode Hotel Chester, the event aims to spotlight the importance of sustainable fashion practices in this year's designs.

Various brands are partnering for the event, including Cheshire College South and West fashion retail and fashion design, Sintillate Talent, and Abode Hotels Chester.

A number of designers from across the globe will also be in attendance, such as Original Ireland, Ololade Atelier, Shawler Couture, Elie Bahar Fashion Designer, Misty Couture, and Doyenne The Label.

Claire Namukolo Raven, director of Cheshire Fashion Week said "Cheshire Fashion Week positions Chester as a fashion destination to a global audience by hosting the biggest fashion week in the north outside of London Fashion Week.

"This has never been done before, but it benefits the city annually with visitors.

"We attract national fashion enthusiasts and international talent annually, bringing London and other UK cities to our lovely city Chester, benefiting the North's fashion scene."

Ms Namukolo Raven also noted that this year's event aims to support local businesses and put a spotlight on sustainable fashion trends.

She added: "This year visitors from Ireland, Nigeria, and the United States are expected to visit Chester as part of this year's sustainable theme.

"The event will showcase the latest sustainable fashion trends and support local businesses.

"Porsche Centre Chester is one of the sponsors, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

"Since our launch in 2019, our efforts to establish Cheshire as a premier fashion destination and contribute to 'The One City Plan' to boost Chester's retail, hospitality, and tourism sectors have shown positive results."

An addition to this year's event is the inaugural Fashion Week Awards UK.

This prestigious ceremony aims to recognise the extraordinary talent in the fashion and creative sectors.

The Lord Mayor of Chester will be in attendance for the event.

Further information regarding schedules and designer line-ups can be found on the official website: