One fortunate Cheshire local, resident only as Mr A, has won a staggering £350,000 in the Lotto HotPicks draw on April 6.

Mr A, whose identity remains partly guarded in the spirit of partial publicity, joins the upwards of eight million players who win each week on the National Lottery's games.

These lucky individuals have the option to release their names, maintain their anonymity, or, like in the case of Mr A, share some news without disclosing full identity details.

Andy Carter, the senior winners’ advisor at The National Lottery, said: "Wow!

"Huge congratulations to Mr A for winning this fantastic prize and becoming £350k richer overnight."

Players of National Lottery games have various ways to participate; they can purchase tickets at retail outlets, play online at or by downloading the National Lottery app.

Playing online or through the app automatically checks tickets and winners are notified by email.

Retail tickets can be scanned on the app to determine if they're winners.

Playing National Lottery games not only offers an easy way to potentially strike it rich, but it also contributes significantly to projects across the UK.

By playing any game in the Lottery repertoire, players contribute to the £30M generated each week for National Lottery-funded projects.

To date, over 685,000 grants have been made in support of numerous projects across the country.

It's worth noting that Lotto HotPicks gives Lotto players the chance to win in five different ways – ‘Pick 1’, ‘Pick 2’, ‘Pick 3’, ‘Pick 4’ and ‘Pick 5’.

This allows players to select and match fewer numbers for a chance to win.

For instance, if a player selects to play ‘Pick 3’, they choose three numbers from 1 to 59, and if those three numbers are amongst the first five main numbers in the Lotto draw, that player wins £800.

As evident by Mr A's good fortune, striking lucky with the National Lottery can change lives overnight with sizeable winnings up for grabs.