Chester, renowned for its Roman architecture and iconic zoo, has now been ranked as the fourth best city for nightlife in the UK.

The result comes from a national study by which showed Chester scoring an impressive 9.01 out of 10 for its vibrant nightlife, numerous hotels, and affordable pint prices.

The city's cherished Chester Racecourse is a significant contributor to the lively atmosphere, hosting several exhilarating daytime events.

The city came out with a high concentration of hotels - 18.01 per 10,000 residents to be precise.

Even better for those who enjoy a tipple, Chester boasts one of the UK's most affordable pint prices of just £4.20, making it an ideal weekend getaway destination for party-goers.

However, the top spot for nightlife in the UK goes to Brighton and Hove, which boasts a perfect score of 10.

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne comes second, mainly thanks to its abundance of clubs and bars and cheap pint prices.

Regrettably for Londoners, the capital scores shockingly low, placing it as the worst city for a night out in the UK.

Fintan Costello, founding director of, said: "Our analysis highlights not only the best party destinations but also the diverse factors shaping the UK's nightlife landscape.

"From affordability to cultural vibrancy, each city offers a unique experience for party people to explore."

He also said: "The disparities among cities underscore the profound impact of the cost of living crisis on our nightlife economy."