ARMED police have taken an unregistered 'XL Bully' dog in a Cheshire West town.

Officers were called to Glebe Green Drive, Winsford, on Monday (April 15) following reports of an 'out-of-control and dangerous dog' which was believed to be the recently-banned breed type.

No dog was found at first but one matching the description was eventually discovered at a nearby address.

While police had no safety concerns, the dog was found to be unregistered.

As of February 1, it is illegal to own dogs that meet a certain set of physical characteristics, known collectively as XL Bullies, without a certificate of exemption.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police said: “At 2.44pm on Monday, officers responded to reports of an out-of-control and dangerous dog, reported to be an XL Bully, in Winsford.

“Officers attended the scene on Glebe Green Drive, Winsford, and conducted a search of the area to locate the dog, however, one could not be found.

“Officers later discovered a dog matching the description at an address nearby.

“While no safety concerns had been raised, the dog had not been registered and was voluntarily surrendered by the owner for formal assessment.”

There has been a mixed response to the ban on XL Bullies.

Among those locally to have campaigned against it is Steph Cheadle, owner of The Dog Paddocks.

In January she set up online groups to help owners get the support they needed ahead of the exemption registration deadline.

 Speaking at the time she said: “In my opinion, a lot of the legislation will cause more harm than good.

“I feel the ban needs some serious addressing as a minimum.”