DAISY has been hailed a ‘wonder dog’ after surviving two days and nights on the run without a scratch.

Hundreds turned out to search for the little white Bichon Frise after she escaped through a door that was accidentally left open.

The rescue dog had only been welcomed into her new Knutsford home by Chris and Peter Walsh six days before she disappeared.

Miraculously, she was eventually found unharmed at Toft Cricket Club.

Chester and District Standard: Chris Walsh is overwhelmed to have missing dog Daisy safely back at homeChris Walsh is overwhelmed to have missing dog Daisy safely back at home (Image: Chris Walsh)

Daisy’s owners are overwhelmed by the response they received from people all over the town.

Chris said: “The kindness and support from the local community was amazing.

“It’s just been absolutely phenomenal. A huge thank you is definitely in order.”

Chester and District Standard: Daisy happy back on the sofa after a warm, comforting bathDaisy happy back on the sofa after a warm, comforting bath (Image: Chris Walsh)

Daisy had been exploited at a battery breeding farm in Ireland for four years.

“She had no life whatsoever and never had a name,” said Chris.

“Our previous dog, a Westiepoo, died after 14 years and left a huge hole in our hearts.

“We both decided to give our new rescue dog the same name, Daisy.”

Chester and District Standard: Daisy safely back at home with Peter WalshDaisy safely back at home with Peter Walsh (Image: Chris Walsh)

Dozens of people joined the frantic search when they heard Daisy had gone missing.

Families drove round in cars and scoured fields, country lanes and roads. One woman even walked round Higher Downs in her PJs.

Max Ryder, a volunteer for Drone Search and Rescue for Lost Dogs, traced her one night after hours of searching but she ran off.

Countless further sightings of Daisy were reported as far away as Lower Peover but every time anyone got near, she bolted.

Chris said: “She just kept running and legged it over fields.

“She was in fight or flight mode.”

Chester and District Standard: This was the first picture taken of Daisy in her new home before she went missingThis was the first picture taken of Daisy in her new home before she went missing (Image: Chris Walsh)

On another occasion, Daisy was seen at Seven Sisters Ice Cream parlour where owner Bec Bell and son Percy tried in vain to catch her.

After another sighting in the woods, Chris sat patiently in the dark at Tatton Park.

A ranger tried to entice the terrified dog with some food, but despite being just yards away, she scarpered again.

Eventually, Daisy was reunited with Chris in a garden beside Toft Park.

Chris said: “A lovely lady I only know as Deborah stood talking with her very calmly.

“I was able to get hold of Daisy’s collar and wrapped her in a towel.

“I had tears in my eyes when I held her in my arms.

“She was starving when we found her and ate two complete trays of dog food.

“Miraculously she has not been harmed.

“We took her to Tatton Vets and they were so lovely and gentle with her.

“They couldn’t believe she had no injuries. She has lost weight but she is a wonder dog.

“She is now very happy, calm, relaxed and really loving.

“She loves to sit on the sofa between my husband and I.

“She is a resilient strong little character.

“She is a very lucky dog.

“We couldn’t have found her without all the support from so many people.”

Chris’s friend, Hayley Kaye, who helped co-ordinate the search, said: “Knutsford has been named as one of the best places to live and instances like this show you just how incredible people are here.

“Daisy had been born on a puppy farm and had never been loved, just kept in a shed producing babies.

“Once you saw her sweet picture on a poster, she’s warm anyone’s heart.

“Everyone wanted to find her but she ran so fast even Usain Bolt couldn’t catch a dog like that.

“We had hundreds of sightings but she was petrified of people.

“Since we found her we’ve received lovely messages.

“Everyone is delighted she is settled back at home with a full clean bill of health.”