A STALKER who broke into his victim’s home has been sentenced.

Michael Shuttleworth has been handed an 18-month community order after admitting to one charge of stalking.

Over a period of four months, the 26-year-old, of Lodge Lane in Lostock Gralam, repeatedly visited the victim at her place of work; climbed into a cubicle while she was on the toilet; and then finally broke into her home and stood over her bed as she slept.

Michael O’Kane, prosecuting, said the 'distressing' course of events made the victim feel 'scared' and 'controlled' and resulted in her having panic attacks.

Shuttleworth and the victim had been in a relationship for around eight and a half years, raising three children together.

However, the relationship was 'rocky' with 'ups and downs' and in June 2023, the victim ended the relationship.

Mr O’Kane said Shuttleworth didn’t want the relationship to end and had 'difficulty' accepting this.

The first offence mentioned on the charge came on August 3 when Shuttleworth showed up to the victim's place of work, The Slow & Easy pub in Northwich.

He began arguing with her about other men in the pub showing her attention and later threatened to take his own life if she did not let him into her address.

When she refused, he climbed through the kitchen window. Later that day he was taken to hospital after overdosing.

On August 25, Shuttleworth and the victim attended a wedding in Hartford under the agreement that they were 'just friends'.

However, when the victim was on the toilet Shuttleworth climbed over the cubicle door, kicking her in the face by accident before grabbing her phone.

The next month, on September 29, Shuttleworth once again visited the victim at work, following her round asking questions for around an hour before being barred.

The final incident, on October 1, saw Shuttleworth enter the victim’s home and stand over her as she slept.

Shuttleworth pleaded guilty in January and appeared at Warrington Magistrates Court on Friday (April 5) for sentencing.

Not legally represented, he told the court he had learnt from his mistakes and that he has now had time to accept the relationship has ended and move on.

The magistrates handed Shuttleworth an 18-month community order, in which he must complete 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days, the building better relationships programme and 200 hours of unpaid work.

A two-year restraining order was also made, preventing Shuttleworth from entering a specified address in Northwich and contacting the victim, save for through an agreed party to arrange childcare.