Nichols Plc has issued a product recall for Vimto Original drinks over a “potential” health risk and a "do not drink" warning has been issued.

Vimto Original 500ml bottles are being recalled due to some being labelled with a ‘No Added Sugar’ statement when in fact the product within the bottles does contain added sugar, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) customer notice.

This makes the product a "potential risk to consumers" who need to manage their sugar intake.

What Vimto Original 500ml bottles are affected by FSA product recall?

Nichols Plc is making consumers aware of products with the "packaging error" which have the following batch codes:

Product Names: Vimto Original 500ml (Purple Cap), Vimto Original 500ml Price Marked £1.25 (Purple Cap)

Barcodes: 5010438005008, 501438020582

Batch Codes: OCT 24 4050, OCT 24 4051, OCT 24 4052, NOV 24 4072, NOV 24 4073, NOV 24 4074 (these can be found on the shoulder of the bottles).

Nichols Plc said: “For the avoidance of doubt, this refund process is independent of the ‘Love the Taste’ promotion.

“This action is being taken due to a packaging error, which has caused a limited number of bottles to be labelled with the statement ‘No Added Sugar’, despite the product within the bottles containing added sugar.

“No other batch codes or Vimto products are affected by this error.”

It added: “A simple way to identify whether a product is affected, is to establish whether the product has a purple cap but carries the statement ‘No Added Sugar’ as depicted above.

“All 500ml products with purple caps contain added sugar.”

The FSA commented: “Point of sale notices will be displayed in all retail stores that are selling these products. These notices explain to customers why the products are being recalled and tell them what to do if they have bought the products.”

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It added: “If you have bought the above products and need to manage your sugar intake, please do not drink them. Instead, return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund. For more information contact Nichols plc on 01925 222 222 or"

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What are product recalls and withdrawals by the FSA?

The FSA explained: “If there is a problem with a food product that means it should not be sold, then it might be 'withdrawn' (taken off the shelves) or 'recalled' (when customers are asked to return the product).

“The FSA issues Product Withdrawal Information Notices and Product Recall Information Notices to let consumers and local authorities know about problems associated with food.

“In some cases, a 'Food Alert for Action' is issued. This provides local authorities with details of specific action to be taken on behalf of consumers.”