REGULARS say they are shocked and devastated by the sudden closure of a popular Cheshire brewery.

Chapter Brewing, based in Sutton Weaver, has revealed on its social media page that it will be closing after eight fun-filled years.

It comes just months after the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) named its Dead Man’s Fist beer as one of the best in the country in the Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2024 competition at the Great British Beer Festival Winter.

Owners say the time is right to move on, with Chapter Tap, the three-time Halton CAMRA Pub of The Year by the Weaver Navigation, remaining open every Friday and Saturday until the end of June.

Posting on social media, the Chapter Brewing team said: “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.

“After eight years of fun, freneticism and fulfilment, it is time to close the book on Chapter Brewing.

“We have had the privilege of making beer for you all and being alongside you drinking it – a whether that is at the Tap, at a festival, online during lockdown, or most likely at one of the many fabulous bars that we have delivered to and frequent ourselves.

“However, the time is right to finish this particular story. We have won awards. We have made friends. We have made something. Not a bad outcome.

“We are going to be trading until June and will be attending some gorgeous festivals in the meantime – Chester Craft Beer Fest, Fyne Fest and our final appearance at one that was also our first in Liverpool Craft Beer Expo.

“We have a couple more brews scheduled and some new releases upcoming, so look out for those.

“Chapter Tap, the three-time Halton CAMRA Pub of The Year over by the Weaver Navigation, will be open every Friday and Saturday until the end of June.

“We may chuck in a few extra dates before then – keep those eyes peeled.

“Trade friends, thank you for everything. We have some beers that need homes so get in touch.

“Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and most importantly for drinking in every Chapter.”

Reacting to the news, one customer said: "Absolutely devastated. Not only have you produced fabulous, award-winning beers, but the Tap has been fabulous.

"We have met fantastic people and you have really created a fabulous, local community spirit for all us locals.

"I don't know what we will do when you finally close the doors on this Chapter. Wishing you all every success for the future. It has been wonderful, we will miss you."

Another wrote: "My flabber is absolutely ghasted. Sorry to hear this news. Wishing you and all the crew all the best for whatever the future may bring."