A Chester edition of the world-famous board game Monopoly is coming to retailers later this year.

Winning Moves UK, an official Monopoly maker, is producing the new Chester edition under licence from Hasbro, having selected the city above other contenders such as Istanbul.

In this new game, more than Chester landmarks and favourites, such as Chester Cathedral, the imposing Roman City Walls, and the Racecourse, will be showcased on the board, replacing the likes of ‘Mayfair’ and ‘Park Lane’ from the classic Monopoly original.

For example, ‘Old Kent Road’ could be the racecourse because it is believed to be the world's oldest racecourse dating back to 1539.

Now the public is invited to suggest Chester landmarks to be featured on famous Monopoly spaces, as well as what should be said on the Chance and Community Chest cards.

“We expect to be wonderfully spoilt with choices when putting this special edition board together,” said Yasmin East, custom games executive at Winning Moves UK. “A huge congratulations to Chester."

Suggestions can be made in two ways, by emailing chester@winningmoves.co.uk or via the official Monopoly: Chester Edition Facebook page. Nominations will be accepted for consideration until 11.59pm on April 4.

The quartet of train stations from the classic MONOPOLY original will take on a ‘travel’ theme, as Chester does not have a multitude of main-line train stations to select from like in the original board game.

Over the last 30 years, Winning Moves UK has produced select official versions of Monopoly all over the world, from Palm Springs to Phuket and Dubai to Dublin.

The Monopoly: Chester Edition game is scheduled to hit shops this October.