A RETIRED teacher from Wirral scored big on Michael McIntyre’s BBC show The Wheel.

BBC Michael McIntyre's The Wheel saw Bob Rowlands from Wallasey scoop a £82,000 cash prize after a successful game.

The ex-teacher was the first to join the presenter and celebrities on the wheel during the show that aired on Saturday, March 16.

As he was welcomed onto series four episode ten of the show, he introduced himself to the stars, which included Katherine Ryan (specialist subject parenting), Asmin Chaudhry (hip-hop), Vanessa Feltz (books), Steve Pemberton (horror), Kate Garraway (breakfast TV) Ainsley Harriott (spices) and Phil Tufnell (cricket).

Chester and District Standard: Michael McIntyre and Bob RowlandMichael McIntyre and Bob Rowland (Image: BBC)

When asked by host Michael to tell them about himself he said: “I’m Bob I’ve got a wife who I’ve been married to for 44 years. Helen. Lovely lady. Three daughters and four beautiful grandchildren and we all live within a mile from each other.”

“So, Bob I understand it was your lovely family who put your name forward for this show unbeknownst to you?” Michael responded, to which Bob said “Well, yeah. It was our Sally, and we were at bingo, cos me and my three daughters go to bingo. And she said to me, ‘Dad, I’ve put you in for The Wheel’. 30-second video. Did it. And here I am now.”

Chester and District Standard: Bob Rowland from WallaseyBob Rowland from Wallasey (Image: BBC)

Michael replied, “You nailed that video, Bob.” Then asks him “So, Bob, if all goes to plan and you win big money, what are you going to do with that money?”

Chester and District Standard: Bob Rowland from Wallasey VillageBob Rowland from Wallasey Village (Image: BBC)

Bob replied: “Well, my three daughters, the two youngest are married, and our eldest and her partner have been together for nearly 20 years now, and the last couple of years they’ve been trying to organise a wedding. But because of finances, she’s had to put it on hold.

“So she really deserves a nice wedding, and I’d put all the money towards that.”

Chester and District Standard: Bob celebrating a correct answerBob celebrating a correct answer (Image: BBC)

Bob went on to complete the first category ‘spices’ with Ainsley before he lost his place on the wheel after getting an answer wrong with Katherine.

However, after another spin of the contestant wheel, he returns for a third round and stays in the game until the fifth before he is knocked out again during the hip hop round.

Then during Cash Out Time, Bob played with Kate and secured £82,000, the most money that can be won on the show, winning with the correct answer of 'Ladybirds' for the question, 'which of these insects eats other insects'.

Chester and District Standard: Bob hugging Kate Garraway after winning the showBob hugging Kate Garraway after winning the show (Image: BBC)

Reacting to his win, Bob said: “My daughter will be so made up!

“My eldest who will have a good do now. She deserves it. They’ve been together 20 years now. They’ve got two lovely little girls. I just want to say Jane time to stop looking and start booking.”

“All of you have been special. I’ve really enjoyed myself, and this is mind blowing.”