A FORMER Wrexham man has been given a chance to continue rehabilitating himself after failing to comply with a community order.

Luke Roberts, of no fixed abode, was produced in custody at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Monday morning.

The 43-year-old admitted that he had failed to comply with the requirements of a community order by failing to make contact with the probation service.

A probation officer told the court Roberts, formerly of Acrefair, had been made subject to the community order on December 13 last year for an offence of possessing an offensive weapon.

But he had since moved to the Chester area, where he is homeless.

The officer told the court : "It has been difficult for probation to contact him - he has no address to write to and no contact phone number.

"And it's additionally difficult now he is homeless in the Chester area."

The probation officer recommended the court revoke the original community order and impose a new one - for Roberts to undertake his sentence in the Chester area, which would be far more "manageable" for him.

Lorraine McClure, defending, told the court: "The concern here is he seems to have moved location.

"Mr Roberts makes it clear he now sees his home as Chester.

"Whilst he has been in Chester he has been using a drop-in day centre where he gets support for his drug issues.

"He has been a drug addict for most of his life - and a heroin addict for quite a long time."

Ms McClure said her client turned to drug use when struggling to deal with emotionally difficult situations.

The Magistrates followed the recommendation, imposing a new 12 month community order with 25 days of rehabilitation activity and a £40 fine.