AN electrician was lucky to walk away unscathed after his van flipped on a narrow road.

Max Woodward, owner of MW Electrical, was left with mixed emotions after a crash on Whitegate Road in Winsford on Wednesday (March 6).

Thankfully and remarkably he managed to avoid any serious injuries despite the Ford Transit van being written off as it ended up on its roof.

Max said: “I’m feeling over the moon now, to be honest.

“I’m extremely surprised that the van held up so well, to walk away from that with just an achy back and no cuts or bruises is unbelievable.”

Chester and District Standard: The van has been written offThe van has been written off (Image: Supplied)

Max said he had not driven down Whitegate Road in a few weeks so was unaware there were roadworks taking place.

Shortly before 9.30am, he came down the 40mph road travelling between 30 and 35mph.

He turned a blind corner and was faced with a queue of stationary traffic which was stuck behind a roadworks sign.

“I had to either hit a car on the other side of the road, go into the back of a van or up the bank -  so I chose the bank!” he said.

“I have been back since and there’s no sign warning you of the roadworks before that blind corner.”

He added: “Just after it happened I was fuming.

“I like to think of myself as quite a thick-skinned person but after rolling a vehicle I found that I’m not, it’s properly affected me.

“It’s more the shock that I’ve come round the corner and there’s been a stationary vehicle where there shouldn’t have been.”

Thankfully Max owns a spare campervan and so he has been able to continue his work as an electrician.

He said: “It put me back a day but I didn’t want to stay home and mope so I’ve chucked all my stuff in the campervan and just got on with it.

“It was quite traumatic so I didn’t want to sit around, I wanted to get back out working.”

Max added: “To all my customers, thank you very much for your support, everyone’s been dead understanding.

“Please take care on that road. It’s not wide enough and not signposted correctly.”