HAVE you ever swerved to avoid a pothole?

Several motorists who have been in collisions across Cheshire have identified potholes as a major contributing factor in accidents, and the Police and Crime Commissioner is urging residents to report them to the local authority.

In attempting to avoid serious damage to their cars, several residents have said that they have end up in collisions either with objects or other vehicles.

Police and Crime Commissioner, John Dwyer said: “It’s concerning to hear that the actions motorists are taking to avoid making contact with bad potholes can actually cause an even greater danger on our roads.

“While potholes aren’t a policing issue on their own, I encourage everyone to report them to their local council so they can gather the intelligence about where they are and come up with a solution to fix them. We all have a part to play in making Cheshire’s roads even safer.”

Where are the worst potholes in your area?

Have they already been reported to the Council?

Let us know in the comments below.

To report potholes in Cheshire West, visit the Council website.