TRAFFIC was held on the M62 in Cheshire after a fault with an electric car meaning it was unable to brake.

At around 2.15pm this afternoon, Wednesday, police were contacted by the driver of a Jaguar I-Pace who reported there was a fault with his vehicle.

The driver told officers that he was unable to break and that he was travelling on the M58 in Merseyside.

Officers attended the scene and escorted the vehicle as it travelled onto the M57 and then onto the M62 eastbound through Warrington.

Chester and District Standard:

Once on the M62, officers from Cheshire Police, Merseyside Police, and Greater Manchester Police, worked together to stop all other traffic.

They then used a police car to help to bring the car to a stop at around 2.40pm.

This was between junction 10, Croft, and junction 11, Birchwood.

All traffic was held as a result, however it was later released.

Long delays remained during rush hour, with two lanes still closed. All lanes have now reopened.


Chester and District Standard: