THE next stage of road closures, linked to the multi-million-pound Severn Trent project to connect two water treatment plants, will come into force from next week.

Severn Trent is constructing a 3km main to link Boughton Water Treatment Works to Huntington Water Treatment Works.

The water company has now begun work at Jubilee Playing Fields. A road closure is set to be implemented on Meadow Lane from Monday, March 4.

There will also be a single lane closure on Christleton Road starting this weekend after peak hours on Friday, March 1 and a second weekend closure from Friday, March 8, including a closure at the top of Sandy Lane from March 8 to March 24.

This will be followed by a road closure of the outward-bound route on the A51 Tarvin Road at the beginning of April.

Severn Trent say to complete work as quickly as possible and minimize disruption during the construction phase, they will be working longer days during the week and over the weekends. The scheme is expected to be completed during December 2024.

Community meeting

Residents will be able to learn more about the £16m project at an event at St Luke’s Church on Chester Road, Huntington on March 7.

The second of its kind in three months, the event will see Severn Trent teams go deeper into the plans for the city, with the new 3km main part of measures to ensure a “reliable and sustainable water supply” for “generations to come.”

Uma Shanker, Programme Director at Severn Trent, said: “We want to make sure that we are providing the community with as much information as possible, which is vital for our customers in the city now and for generations to come.

“This the second public session that we have hosted, and it is another chance to ensure everyone is fully informed about our planned works and know how we are progressing.

“This session will have the project team on the ground in Chester to answer any questions that the community may have and provide details of what will be happing over the coming months.”

The event will run over two timeslots, 3pm to 4.30pm and 6pm to 7.30pm and places must be booked.

To book, visit or call 07971304604.

A private Facebook group for residents of this scheme to get updates and ask questions on the work has also been set up and can be found at: Chester Resilience | Facebook.