A CHESTER-BASED law firm has added a star client to its books in the form of an Oscar nominated director.

Manleys Solicitors will be represent Nazrin Choudhury whose short film Red White and Blue has been announced as one of this year’s nominees for Best Live Action Short Film.

Speaking of the film, Choudhury, who is based in California, said: “I  penned the story of 'Red, White and Blue' in the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court overturning the landmark decision in the Roe v Wade case, which had protected our reproductive rights in America for almost 50 years.”

Red White and Blue follows a young mother, struggling to keep her head above water while lovingly caring for her two children and in dire need of help. The previously available solution to her immediate problem has however been ripped away from her, forcing her to go on a literal and metaphorical journey of reflection, hardship and struggle to access medical assistance which should be a given.

Over the last six months, Manleys has seen its work in the USA-related work significantly increase. This comes after its founder Mark Manley was given permission to appear as counsel in the Southern District of New York before an appeal court in 2023.

This week, Manley has been given permission to appear in the famous Court 13 ‘the libel court’ in the High Court of Justice in London in a defamation case relating to the book Perversion of Justice – The Jeffrey Epstein Story, and then in April, Manley will represent a former World Champion boxer in a mediation case.

Speaking of their new client, a spokesperson for Manleys Solicitors said: “We are really proud to be working with the incredibly talented Nazrin Choudhury. Red, White and Blue is a masterpiece. It’s hard to believe that a Short of this length could so quickly grip its viewers and provoke such emotion and feeling.

“The prestigious nomination is a fabulous achievement in itself but we are obviously hoping Nazrin wins the Oscar on March 11th.”