A BIKE with a “heart breaking” note was found after it was left abandoned in a Wirral recreation area.

On Wednesday (February 14), one resident who was walking by The Dips in New Brighton discovered the bike leaning against a rock with a note attached to it.

It read: “Please take me I need a new home. I’ve been a good reliable bike, but my owner died. Fix my front brake and I’m good to go.

“It would be a shame if I did like my owner when I have lots of fun to give someone.

“Yours faithfully Silver (that’s my name).”

Chester and District Standard: The note left on the bikeThe note left on the bike (Image: David Parry)

Resident David Parry, who found the sweet gesture, took to social media to share pictures of the bike which has been described as a “beautiful and generous gesture” by residents.

One person said: “Aww what a lovely thing to go, hope it goes to someone as thoughtful, caring, and kind, as the owner was.”

Another commented: “Bittersweet! but a beautiful and generous gesture, I hope the new owner realises and appreciates it.”

Chester and District Standard: A bike was left by The Dips in New BrightonA bike was left by The Dips in New Brighton (Image: David Parry)

A third added: “So nice to see something positive in this present day. Sad over the circumstances.”

One person said: “Oh no hope someone gets hold of it find a person who genuinely needs it. It could be the beginning of a very useful life.”

Another person added: “Well I didn't expect to be brought to tears by a bike. This is so sad and I hope someone gives Silver a home.”

One comment said: “That's possibly the saddest thing I've seen, hope it goes to a good home.”