LANE closures on the Mersey Gateway bridge which are causing long delays will be in place until tomorrow afternoon.

It comes after safety concerns were raised on the southbound carriageway yesterday, Wednesday.

These related to a section of expansion joint becoming damaged which resulted in emergency lane closures.

Following this, heavy traffic and long delays have been reported in and around the area, particularly last night and this morning.

Now, Mersey Gateway, which is responsible for operating the bridge, said the lane closures will be in place until tomorrow afternoon.

A Facebook post reads: “Specialist equipment and expertise are required to carry out the required remediation works.

“These have now been arranged and remediation works will commence at 8am on Friday, February 9.

“The works will take six hours to complete with traffic management removal beginning at 2pm on Friday.

“Unfortunately, lane closures must remain in place until these works are completed.

“Further disruption on the road networks will occur both this evening and on Friday morning as a result.

“Merseylink wishes to apologise for the inconvenience and disruption being experienced.”