RESIDENTS at an Ellesmere Port care home were treated to some unique entertainment thanks to a local exotic animal petting zoo.

Cheshire Springs, part of leading complex needs care provider Exemplar Health Care, arranged a visit from Reptiles Off Roadin’ – a Chester exotic animal specialist – who provided a fun and memorable afternoon for residents.

Reptiles Off Roadin' provide engaging and educational animal encounters for various events and age groups. The session held at the Whitby care home was tailored to meet the needs of residents with complex care and high acuity requirements, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Chester and District Standard: Chester and District Standard:

During the visit, residents had the opportunity to learn about and interact with array of reptiles and other animals. From holding snakes to petting tortoises, the residents were immersed in a hands-on educational experience that brought joy and excitement to their day.

Cheshire Springs say the initiative aligns with the home's commitment to providing diverse and engaging activities for residents, contributing to their overall well-being and offering therapeutic benefits and lasting memories for those in care.

Millie Robinson, Activities Team Leader at Cheshire Springs, said:

We really enjoyed our visit from Reptiles off Roadin’. From holding the snakes to petting the tortoises, this was a big hit for all of us. The smiles say it all!

"Seeing as this was so successful, we are hoping to create more innovative and enjoyable experiences, so we can make sure our residents can be a part of a vibrant and fulfilling living environment every day.