A Cheshire West woman who appeared on The Chase bravely took a shot at £75,000 on the popular quiz show.

Sarah Bowyer gave a strong performance on the ever-popular TV game quiz, where four competitors take on some of the UK’s finest minds for potentially life-changing cash prizes, which aired on Thursday, January 25. 

She told host and national treasure Bradley Walsh she works in retail support for car dealerships, but her life is ‘consumed by dog agility’.

The 40-year-old, from Northwich, then stunned Bradley by revealing she and her dog are Crufts champions.

Sarah has three dogs, and competes with a fox red Labrador, Eric, aka ‘the Super Ginger Ninja’, who has his own Instagram account.  

Chester and District Standard: Sarah's bid for the high offer of £75,000 was unsuccessfulSarah's bid for the high offer of £75,000 was unsuccessful (Image: ITV)

Bradley was thrilled to learn she and Eric won the large dog agility competition at Crufts in 2022.   

“It was an amazing experience, and I was super, super proud,” she said.

“If I win some money today, I’d really love to buy a paddock so I can have my own space to train my dogs, instead of having to travel around and go to different places.”

Chester and District Standard: Sarah competed against Shaun 'the Dark Destroyer' WallaceSarah competed against Shaun 'the Dark Destroyer' Wallace (Image: ITV)

Bradley said: “Let’s get Eric a playground.”

Sarah got off to a flying start in her cash builder round, answering five questions in a row on space travel, cricket, music, cooking, and Harry Potter.

She then hit a bit of a wall, getting the next five wrong, on the European Union, long-distance walking routes, the Pride of Britain Awards, archaeology, and American politics.

Chester and District Standard: Sarah (third from left) answered her first five cash-builder questions rightSarah (third from left) answered her first five cash-builder questions right (Image: ITV)

When chaser, Shaun Wallace, took his seat, he said: "We’ve got something in common, Sarah. We’ve both got something small, yappy, and half house-trained. You’re standing next to him.”

He was referring to presenter, Bradley, who was dumbstruck, but took the jibe gracefully.

You can watch Sarah's performance on The Chase on ITXV by following this link. 

Shaun offered Sarah a low offer of £2,000, and a high offer of a whopping £75,000.

Chester and District Standard: Shaun's knowledge of South American currencies was better than Sarah'sShaun's knowledge of South American currencies was better than Sarah's (Image: ITV)

Brave Sarah went for the high offer, adding: “It's is a life-changing amount, and I think I’m good enough to take him on.

Sarah knew the word ‘paltry’ mean ‘trivial’, and Guinea, in Africa, gained its independence from France in 1958.

Sadly, she thought Perth’s newest museum, which was named after a public ballot in 2022, is called ‘Perthy McPerthface’, but luckily chaser Shaun believed it too.

She also thought JRR Tolkien’s book, The Lord of the Rings, was a trilogy of trilogies, when the answer Bradley was after was Star Wars.

Sadly, Shaun knew the answer.

She then answered a tough one about ship building, but her hopes were finally dashed when Shaun pipped her on a question about South American currencies.

Shaun was gracious in victory, adding: “You were really unlucky there Sarah. Well done.”

Bradley said: “That’s the way it goes I’m afraid. Good luck with Eric, and with all you do.”