A CHILDREN'S charity and voluntary adoption agency has received a grant of £500 from another of Chester's long-standing charities.

Adoption Matters, whose head office is located in Chester and has links to the city dating back more than 70 years, said it was 'honoured' to be recognised by the Bluecoat Charity.

The Chester Bluecoat is considered the oldest charity in the city, the charity’s history dates from 1837, when 31 local charities were united under the umbrella of one charity, with each one being run in accordance with its own deed. Other charities joined in 1892 and 1976.

Adoption Matters Fundraising and Relationship Manager, Annie O’Neill, said:

"We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this grant which will help fund our children’s choir, which we plan to re-ignite in 2024. 

"The funds will be invaluable to provide a community space for children to come together in a safe environment, learn to sing and record songs whilst also providing a chance for our adoptive parents to meet up and chat with other parents."

The Adoption Matters Centre for Adoption Support Choir runs once a month and is free of charge for all Adoption Matters approved adopters.

For further information about Adoption Matters and support available for families, visit: www.adoptionmatters.org/cfas.