A FATHER who lost his son in a car accident two years ago has been stricken by grief once again as cushions made out of his son’s t-shirts were stolen from his car.

Mark Holden, from Malpas, lost his son Jay in a car crash two years ago, and some of the things that have helped him feel closer to him were a set of cushions.

The pillows were hand-sewn by Mark’s mother and were made out of Jay’s t-shirts.

Mark, former crew manager at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and director of Barlows UK explained that he went away with his brother and left his car in the Manchester Airport Terminal 1 multi-storey car park.

He said: “I came back and as I came to the car it looked as if it wasn’t locked.

“I looked inside and saw that someone had been trough the glovebox.

“I wasn’t too concerned – there was nothing of value that I could think of at first.”

Chester and District Standard: One of the cushions stolen from Mark's car.One of the cushions stolen from Mark's car. (Image: Mark Holden.)

On a second glance Mark realised that they had taken his brother’s car keys as well.

He added: “As I drove back, I realised that the two cushions were taken too.

“They have no value to anyone else, but they have value to us.

“I’ve had no joy with the airport police but Greater Manchester Police have been really helpful.”

Mark said that his mother has taken the news very hard.

“She is a seamstress in Malpas, and she sewed the cushions for all of us”, he continued, “You can’t replace them, and it was big deal for my mum.”

Mark added: “Apparently the police have said that thieves now use some sort of high tech gadgets which scrambles the car and opens it up.

“It’s a bit concerning.”

Chester and District Standard: The second cushion stolen from Mark's car.The second cushion stolen from Mark's car. (Image: Mark Holden)

Mark and his family are now hoping that through social media they can bring this to justice and that the people who are responsible will come forward.

He continued: “The police have suggested to put a post out on social media, as they had to close the case due to no CCTV footage in that part of the car park.

“If anyone can help it would be great – we would just like them back.

“It has saddened the whole family – especially when you try to move on and something like this happens it’s just another kick in the teeth.”