We spoke to Shane, the Director of APS, about the support they can provide for you, your home and your assets.

Tell us about the business

APS is a bespoke provider of elite risk management and cutting-edge technical and physical security solutions.  We specialise in supporting high-net-worth, high-risk clients or those who simply wish to provide real assurance to their family and residential safety both in the UK and overseas. APS was founded by a highly experienced former UK Government protection specialist, global security director for a FTSE 100 listed company, and leading security consultant for three European businesses.

APS has never previously conducted any marketing activity.  Our entire portfolio has been referrals from previous clients. Protecting you really is our priority.

What sets your company apart from your competitors?

At APS, we understand that due to our clients’ profiles and privacy, engagement at the right level is critical, therefore we sign NDAs on arrival – regardless of who the client is.  We pride ourselves on swift and dedicated outputs with a support team that ensures contact when you need it. We look at your requirements through a different lens built through 20 years of intelligence experience, therefore, we produce a strategy and operational proposal that is bespoke to you.  We also provide ‘test kits’ including-multiple camera types as an example, so that you can experience all viewing options both day and night before committing to a system. 

What truly sets us apart is that with your permission, we also conduct early evening and night time assessments (with no intrusion to your time).  It is important for us to see at 3am what the would-be criminal can see, then design a system that is bespoke to your environment, not a generic solution.

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What kind of technology or tools do you use for monitoring and securing premises?

We use multiple security systems and only choose what is best for you, your family and circumstances. We can provide holistic systems, including automated gates with secure intercom, anti-vehicle theft bollards, full CCTV suite, intruder alarms and active external monitoring of all systems. Importantly, all systems can be operated via your tablet or mobile device when remote from home.

Who do you provide your services to?

We have a real cross section of clients, from businesses to high-net-worth clients, from those in the public eye to those looking to provide a level of assured security to both their family and homes. Clients engage our services in a number of areas: business or home vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, technical security suites, residential physical protection, close protection services or premium event security.

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What assets do you use to conduct your bespoke assessments?

To add context, APS has deployed overseas in the direct protection of British ambassadors, as well as senior UK Government officials and military personnel. Intelligence mapping is key to how we operate. We use online open-source material, crime prevention through environmental design, former experienced police detectives and surveillance operators if requested by the client. Our layered approach develops a wide and detailed intelligence picture outlining any areas of vulnerability, from the technical, online, to the physical. Our methods are the same for a sprawling country estate at a £230K previous infrastructure technical build to a mid-terraced home in a bustling town at £12K. 

What about readers who already have technical security solutions?

We have been engaged by multiple clients, to conduct penetration testing and assessments of their home environments and current systems.  We produce a detailed gap analysis highlighting any areas of vulnerability along with a solution proposal and cost with 48 hours. We live in a hyper-connected and technology driven world, often from our mobiles sat in the comfort of our homes. We understand that, therefore we look at any previously installed security system and make sure that it provides you with not only the security provisions you require, but that it can be used by all the family members with ease.   

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