A LABORATORY based in Deeside has identified an extraordinary case of genetically identical triplets that defies remarkable odds of 200million to one.

NorthGene™, a genetic testing laboratory based on Deeside Industrial Estate, has successfully identified genetically identical triplets. This is NorthGene’s third case of genetically identical triplets in three years.

Proud parents Louise and Gareth Davies embarked on the journey of genetic testing after an intriguing discovery during the first scan at 12 weeks. The scan revealed that two of the triplets shared a placenta, while the third had its own, leading the family to be categorised as a dichorionic triplet pregnancy.

The attending Consultant suggested the possibility of the triplets being identical, especially given the shared placenta and their common gender - all three girls. The unique bundles of joy, named Willow, Nancie and Mabel Davies, made their entrance into the world on 10th November 2023, at 34 weeks.

Chester and District Standard:

Despite the initial observation by the surgeon that the newborn babies looked different, NorthGene™ thought they looked identical, so opted for zygosity testing through NorthGene™ to conclusively confirm whether they were identical or not. The decision was motivated by a desire to ensure accurate medical records and to provide clarity for the girls' future.

Upon receiving the results, the Davies family, based in West Yorkshire, expressed overwhelming joy and elation. The news of having genetically identical triplets was described as nothing short of a miracle and a blessing rolled into one.

“We are over the moon with the results, we couldn’t be happier to know that the girls are all identical," they said. 

"Thank you to NorthGene™ for doing the testing, the process was simple to follow and we’re just glad we have the answers for the future."


NorthGene™ said it is delighted to have played a pivotal role in providing the answers for the Davies family and reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge genetic testing services and contributing to the scientific understanding of genetic variations in multiple births.

Charlotte Haskayne, team leader at NorthGene™ said: "We carry out hundreds of DNA relationship tests daily and sometimes it can be difficult to deliver the news if it’s not what the family are expecting.

"Some cases can be really heart-warming, knowing we have made a difference in people’s lives is the reason why we do what we do."

For more information about NorthGene™, please visit https://www.northgene.co.uk/.

Shauna Leven, chief executive of Twins Trust, added: “It’s interesting to hear that there have been three cases of identical triplets in three years at NorthGene™.

“It’s so important for the families to allow the triplets to establish themselves as individuals. This includes everything from dressing them differently, to spending dedicated time with each child, when possible. It also means thinking carefully about their individual educational needs when they start school.

“We wish all the families well on their multiples’ parenthood journey.”