A MUM and daughter have taken on a special challenge together in memory of their husband and dad who died from a brain tumour.

36-year-old Amy Peters and her eight-year-old daughter, Imogen, from Prenton, have successfully cycled 100 miles during the month of October, in loving memory of Tim – Amy’s husband and Imogen’s dad – who sadly passed away in 2015, when Imogen was just 10 months old.

They have helped to raise over £2,000 to be split between Clatterbridge Cancer Charity and Imogen's primary school, Manor Primary School.

Speaking about taking on the challenge, Amy said: "My husband, Tim, was diagnosed with a brain tumour (glioblastoma multiforme) at the end of 2014. 

"It was a big shock and a terrifying diagnosis, especially as I was seven months pregnant at the time. 

"However, we were surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends, who prayed for us and supported us practically with meals and whatever else we needed."

Chester and District Standard: Imogen and AmyImogen and Amy (Image: Clatterbridge)

She continued: "The radio and chemo began in December 2014.  

"By January 2015, Tim needed to become an impatient at Clatterbridge due to his decreasing mobility, and so he spent time in Mersey Ward at the Clatterbridge Wirral site.

"So many people were involved with Tim's story. Of course, we were all awaiting the arrival of Imogen in February 2015, when Tim was still an inpatient at Clatterbridge.  

"He wasn't able to walk and could spend limited time in a wheelchair.  This meant that the doctors, nurses, Physio, OT, my midwives, and ambulance drivers all made a masterplan to ensure that Tim could be at Imogen's birth at Arrowe Park Hospital.  

"In the middle of the night, the staff got the phone call to say that I was in labour and with two hours to go they got Tim in an ambulance and brought him to Arrowe Park.

"He was there for the final stage and got the first cuddle as well as being able to cut the cord. I will always be grateful to the amazing staff at Clatterbridge who allowed this to happen.  

"Being able to tell Imogen that her daddy was part of her birth story is very, very special."

Tim passed away when Imogen was just 10 months old. 

Amy explained that they will "always remember Tim with many lovely memories to choose from".

She said: "We have kept in touch with some of the staff at Clatterbridge and we will always remember how well they cared for us as a family.

Chester and District Standard: Tim Amy and baby ImogenTim Amy and baby Imogen (Image: Clatterbridge)

“We always remember Tim with many lovely memories to choose from.  

"Imogen hears about her daddy from all his family and friends.  

"We have carried on living in the community that Tim loved and attending the church where he worked. We hope to be here for many years to come and thank God for all the ways that Clatterbridge staff, family and friends helped us through such a dark time."

Clatterbridge fundraiser Elspeth Wilson said: "We’re so very grateful to Amy and Imogen for completing such an impressive challenge in loving memory of Tim. 

"Thank you both for helping to raise over £1,000 to help fund research, support services and innovations in care at Clatterbridge for those with cancer in our region – both now, and in the future."

If you would like to do your own fundraising challenge for Clatterbridge, simply visit https://www.clatterbridgecc.nhs.uk/charity/events/ccc-events/clatterbridgeteaparty, or contact the team via ccf-tr.fundraising@nhs.net / 0151 556 5566.