A VETERINARY centre between Chester and Ellesmere Port is to provide specialist eye treatments to cats and dogs in the North West.

ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists, based in Telford Court, Chestergates, is launching a new eye health (ophthalmology) service at its referral hospital.

Many feline and canine eye conditions can often go unnoticed. So regular eye checks - especially in predisposed breeds or elderly patients – are important.

The most common conditions are brachycephalic ocular syndrome, entropion, ectropion, pigmentary keratitis and qualitative tear deficits. Most of these ophthalmological conditions can be successfully treated if discovered in time.

The new ChesterGates eye health service will offer a wide range of treatments for eye conditions, including cryotherapy, corrective lid surgery, rhytidectomy, nasal fold ablation, cherry eye and scrolled cartilage, keratotomy, keratectomy, pedicle conjunctival graft, corneo-conjunctival transposition, bioimplants for corneal reconstruction, glaucoma diagnosis and monitoring, management of dry eye (KCS) and neurological dry eye, retro-bulbar disease investigation and treatment, cataract assessment, and intracapsular lens extraction.

A new ophthalmology department has been set up for the diagnosis and treatment of cases.

This includes a dedicated cat waiting area, fully equipped consultation room - adapted to the needs for all ophthalmological examinations, and fully equipped theatre - dedicated to ocular and microsurgical needs.

The department also has a high frequency ocular ultrasound, magnetic resonance (MRI), and computed tomography (CT) scan equipment to assist with the diagnosis of each animal.

The new ophthalmology service will be led by ChesterGates advanced practitioner in Ophthalmology, Endika Garcia.

He graduated in 2016 from the University of Valencia, completed a rotating internship, then worked for a few years in different hospitals in Spain, before moving to the UK, enrolling on the BSAVA Certificate in small animal ophthalmology and being awarded advanced practitioner status.

Endika will be supported by a 25-strong specialist nursing team, four nurse students, one lab technician, two sterile technicians and a team of receptionists and support colleagues who can assist with client queries.

Endika said: “Many cats and dogs will experience issues with their eyes. These cases need to be thoroughly investigated to ensure that diagnoses are properly determined and treatment quickly provided.

"We are very pleased to be able to open our new ophthalmology service for cat and dog owners in the North West to provide this essential service.”

Consultations and surgical procedures will be offered at ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists to any dog or cat with an eye problem on a Monday and Thursday between 8am and 5pm.

For more information, visit https://chestergates.org.uk/referral-services/.

Chestergates Veterinary Referrals is a specialist-led, multi-disciplinary veterinary referral hospital.

It offers 24 hour 365 days supervised hospitalisation area, separated by species.

The ChesterGates team offer a broad range of specialist veterinary referral services including anaesthesia and analgesia, cardiology, dermatology, cruciate repair, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, internal medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, ophthalmology, radioiodine therapy, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, soft tissue and general surgery, and total hip replacement.