I VISITED Chester Christmas Market on Town Hall Square last night think and it's well worth a wander through.

Dozens of chalet-style stalls held by independent retailers are set out along the square, which is accented with fairy lights and arranged around a brightly lit Christmas tree. It is a very pretty scene, but its smaller scale does mean that its limited in some aspects.

The 12 Days of Christmas Parade was weaving its way past as I arrived and went to look for a warm drink, of which there is plenty to choose from. If you love a mulled wine at this time of year, there are several stalls and bars that can offer this, together with hot chocolates and other festive drinks.

I tried the large mulled wine at The Norwood (£7.50) which was sweet with a warming but mild spice, and not so hot that you have to wait an age before drinking it.

The prices in the main were not extortionate, but there is a 'Christmas Market tax' at play where drinks and food can be around £1 or £2 more expensive that you might like.

There was also a hot chocolate (£4.50) with cream and marshmallows and you can add Baileys to this for £2.50. I tried the standard drink, which would make a nice sweet treat for youngsters, and despite the added decoration was smooth and thankfully not sickly.

Chester and District Standard: Hot chocolate from The Norwood.Hot chocolate from The Norwood. (Image: Jess Hosier.)

Next it was time for some food and again, there is plenty to choose from. Scratchings, a stall near the Christmas tree, do a very tasty shredded pork roll with gravy and apple sauce, this is served warm and will cost you £9. There is also Greek Gyros who offer chicken, donner and halloumi wraps. The halloumi gyros come loaded with crispy halloumi fingers, salad and the option of tahini sauce. Its a good option for vegetarians, although the wraps are pricey at £12.

I also had to try the pigs in blankets sausage roll from Joles Gourmet (£4.50) given the festive flavour, the price may seem high but this one is a monster and ideal for sharing. It's well seasoned sausage meat, wrapped in flaky pastry and topped with crispy bacon. There's also pasties and a brie, cranberry and spinach tart which almost got the nod and looked equally good.

Chester and District Standard: Joles Gourmet offers a 'Pigs in Blankets' sausage roll.Joles Gourmet offers a 'Pigs in Blankets' sausage roll. (Image: Panchita)

I had some help with the food as the portions are sizeable, which given some of the higher prices does soften the blow. One downside is that for this Bavarian-style set up, there is no bratwurst or schnitzel stalls, so if you're looking for traditional German winter fare, you may be disappointed.

The Sunrise Patisserie is a must for those with a sweet tooth, the pastel de natas are delicious and the raspberry version, might be even better. They're £2 each or six for £10. They also have blueberry, cherry, biscoff and chocolate flavours, a vegan pastel de nata and a separate a brownie stall.

Jingle Crumble was also very good, with warm chunks of sweet apple, crunchy topping and custard, ours had added biscoff sauce. These are a perfect cosy dessert on a cold evening.

The crafts and gifts stalls are also many and varied. Stalls like Scent offer handmade soaps and bathbombs, there are also ornate decorations, colourful knitwear, crockery and plenty of other gift items. There are also sweets stalls in the shape of the Ultimate Fudge Outlet and Pick and Mix.

The size of Chester Christmas Market does mean that there's not any rides for children, which you may find at other larger events of this nature, so those bringing little ones may find that there's not a lot for them to do after having a wander around and stopping for a drink or a bite to eat. However, its scale does benefit it in the sense that it never feels overwhelming or like you're bound to miss out on the 'best stalls' by virtue of the fact that it would take most of the day to traverse the site.

The Market will run from November 17 until December 21 and is a handsome addition to the city centre offering several interesting stalls, some truly delicious food options, and a picturesque festive focal point.