A YOUNG mum has been warned she faces a "real prospect" of immediate jail time for seriously injuring two people by driving dangerously.

Keira Ridler, of Marlborough Road in Ellesmere Port, appeared at Mold Crown Court on Thursday morning.

The 25-year-old admitted two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, which took place on September 19, 2021, in Flint.

She had been driving a Nissan Juke in Sunningdale Close and the injured parties were Ellie Blower and Christopher Rakeshaw.

Her defending barrister Richard Dawson told the court his client's guilty pleas had been entered on a basis - which will be reduced into writing and provided to the Crown Prosecution Service in due course.

The sentence date has been set for February 6, with a trial of issue to take place in the meantime if her basis is not accepted by the Crown.

Asked what his client's bail conditions had been up until now, he replied: "She has been without conditions so far - she's a person of previous good character and a young mother.

"We took the liberty of speaking to probation. They need at least four weeks to do a pre-sentence report.

"And we are seeking to secure a variety of pieces of evidence to assist the court with sentence."

Recorder Simon Mills told the defendant: "You've pleaded guilty to two very serious offences and the court will now move to the process by which sentence is passed upon you.

"It is perfectly clear a pre-sentence report is going to be required from the probation service and they will put forward any suggestions as to potential alternative sentences to immediate custody.

"I say nothing about the sentence you will receive but you have to understand these are very serious matters.

"You shouldn't read anything into the fact the case is being adjourned for the preparation of a report.

"All options are open and there is a real prospect you are going to receive an immediate prison sentence.

"However you have pleaded guilty, and that will be reflected in whatever sentence you receive."

The Judge imposed an interim driving ban on Ridler - with the ultimate length of the ban to be set by the sentencing Judge in February.