NESTON High School has been recognised for their "outstanding commitment to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics" at an award ceremony.

The Educate Awards 2023, held at Liverpool Cathedral on Friday, November 17, gathered 700 attendees from schools across the Northwest to celebrate "excellence in education".

The STEM award honours schools, academies and colleges which have a range of exceptional STEM activities or have developed successful STEM projects that promote the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects to all students.

Judges look for evidence of high levels of commitment to these subjects, which could either be a specific and successful STEM based project or an overarching approach to STEM across the school or college. 

Neston High School, who won the award, has been providing "extensive opportunities" for students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) through various avenues, including clubs, cross-curriculum science weeks, inspirational trips, and engaging guest speakers.

Chester and District Standard: Neston High School won the awardNeston High School won the award (Image: Neston High School)

At the core of the school's commitment to STEAM is the Neston High School Makerspace club.

Makerspace, founded by Pat Link, Teacher of Engineering and Design Technology and STEAM Coordinator, "embodies the school's dedication to raising environmentally conscious and responsible individuals".

Mr Colin Cooper, with specialised skills in building machinery, also plays a crucial role in the Makerspace club.

He has hand-built machinery to shred, heat, and extrude collected, sorted, and cleaned plastic into various useful items, including combs, plant pots, coasters, and buttons, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and reducing landfill impact created by the school and community.

Neston High School's commitment to STEAM extends beyond the school grounds, making a "significant impact locally through events such as Wirral Makefest, Liverpool Makefest, Africa Oye and Chester Zoo".

Items produced by the Makerspace club students are sold at school and local events, generating funds that are re-invested in the club to expand its reach and potential impact.

A spokesperson for Neston High School said: "Pat actively dedicates time to supporting other schools and community clubs in starting their own plastic recycling and STEAM initiatives.

"Neston High School continues to pursue opportunities to maximise its impact in the realm of STEAM education, driven by a vision of a more sustainable and environmentally aware community.

"The commitment and dedication of the Makerspace team students and staff reflects Neston High School's mission to make positive changes for everyone's future and the future of our planet."

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