A man who stole two Carrera bicycles from an Ellesmere Port home has been ordered to pay the owner £600 compensation.

Kane Eaton, 22, of John Nicholas Crescent, Ellesmere Port, pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity to the theft, which happened on September 3 at Flint Court.

Prosecuting on Tuesday, November 21 at Chester Magistrates Court, Jessica Pridding said one of the two Carrera bikes was for an adult, the other for a child, and collectively valued at £600.

A neighbour's footage was reviewed which showed Eaton stealing both bikes at 2.10am, having walked up and down the area and wheeling them outside.

The bikes were not recovered.

Eaton gave a 'no comment' police interview. He had two previous convictions for three offences, one of which was the theft of a bike.

Defending, Steven Alis said it was an unplanned theft and Eaton did not benefit from it, as he was chased and abandoned the bikes.

The court heard Eaton had previously been addicted to crack cocaine and stole the bicycles to pay for drugs.

After speaking to his mother, she agreed to help him detox and Eaton had done so, which meant he was allowed back home, which is where he spends the majority of his time and his mother "can keep an eye on him".

Chair of magistrates Maurice McBride said: "We have heard some good news today - you have managed to sort your drug problem out. Keep on the straight and narrow."

The £600 compensation was appropriate, the court heard, as Mr McBride said: "These people have lost their bikes and they deserve their money back, at the end of the day."