Historian and author Brian Bennett looks back at a face paced event from days gone by...

IT'S difficult to imagine today when passing through the village of Rhydymwyn just a couple of miles outside of Mold that, in the early years after the Second World War in a field then known as the Antelope field, a very successful and popular motorcycling and car racing event took place on a track in this field which is now part and parcel of the Antelope Industrial Estate.


Wirral Hundred Motor Club racing programme at Rhydymwyn.

Wirral Hundred Motor Club racing programme at Rhydymwyn.


For about 15 years after the end of the war, the Wirral Hundred Motor Club held their meetings at this venue in Great Sutton, when up to 3,000 spectators were in attendance.

The tight and narrow circuit was used for motorbike and sidecar races, together with time trials for the cars. Note the map of the circuit which was only about half a mile in distance, with a couple of tight corners.

The main image shows one of the cars competing against the clock on one of these tight corners.

This corner would be near the main A541 Denbigh to Mold highway which was behind the railings.

Amongst many of the racing stars to compete on the Antelope field was a young and up-and-coming Mike Hailwood, who it is recorded won the 1957 150cc and 250cc events on his MV Augusta machines - stunning achievements for a lad of 17.

He went on to win the World 500cc Championships on four occasions, together with 76 Grand Prix victories.

Another well known local biker was Mr Eddie Williams who ran a motorcycle business behind the Assembly Hall in Mold for many years.

Little remains of the track today but I'm sure many older readers/residents will recall the days of racing around that small circuit with relish!

My thanks to John Walton from Buckley, who was a competitor at the meeting for the use of his image, taken in about 1957.