A GAMING café and community hub in Chester has seen huge demand for its 'Learn to Play' events.

Geek Retreat, a geek culture retailer in Watergate Street is regularly teaching more than 15 to 20 children a week since launching the events - which teach beginners how play role playing and trading card games - in May.

Many attendees are from neurodiverse communities, have disabilities or are being home schooled, and require a safe and inclusive environment to enjoy their new hobbies.

The store was recently taken over by brothers Matt and Rhys Williams who introduced the sessions. The store is now running 'Learn to Play' events twice a day to accommodate the growing number of attendees and has special programmes during the school holidays.

The events are part of Geek Retreat’s learn to play programme and are designed for beginners of all ages who may be new to a specific game or have never played before. They are also suitable for lapsed players who want a friendly reintroduction.

They mostly feature trading card games such as Lorcana, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering, but also role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons.

Matt Williams, manager of Chester Geek Retreat, commented: "The Learn to Play events for children have been a phenomenal success story since their introduction in May. It is clear that there is a huge need for a friendly and safe environment for children on the high street where they can learn new activities and meet new friends."

For more information about Geek Retreat, please visit the website: geek-retreat.uk/.