AN award-winning hotel on the outskirts of Chester is celebrating a record grape harvest.

Carden Park Hotel has seen 16.25 tonnes of grapes picked this autumn, the hotel's largest harvest to date by eight per cent. It means the hotel will be able to produce roughly 15,500 bottles of its bespoke sparkling wine.

The three-acre commercial vineyard, the biggest in the North West, was harvested in early autumn by Carden Park Hotel's harvesting team.

While the harvest's success is hard to determine, head groundskeeper Peter Pattenden believes the expansive yield is predominantly due to the desirable weather conditions, with the UK being particularly dry and warm between the flowering cycle of the grapes (May-June). The crop was also able to avoid an early frost that the vineyard has experienced in recent years, making it an all-round success.

Established over 30 years ago, Carden Park Estate’s Vineyard boasts just under 4,000 vines, hosting two grape varieties which were carefully selected to be conditioned to thrive in the UK climate.

The bulk of the grapes harvested will be used to create the hotel's Carden Reserve Sparkling White Wine and five per cent of the second Pinot Noir grape variety will be used to create Carden Reserve Sparkling Rose Wine.

This yield is predicted to equate to 15,500 bottles of Carden Park’s home-grown wine – Carden Park Reserve. This estimation is provided by The HalfPenny winemakers, whom the hotel collaborates in the creation process. The entire lifecycle of the Carden Estate Reserve Wine processing will take two years.

Sommelier at Carden Park Hotel, Patryk Kapelinski, said: “The long-lasting perlage in the Carden Reserve is a perfect pairing for succulent dishes like the British classic, fish and chips. The harmonious finish and vivid acidity also match a variety of freshly prepared white meats and seafood. The wine also makes a perfect aperitif.”

The vineyard will now de-leaf and rest until January. The estate’s team will then start training next year's shoots onto the wires; four shoots on each vine, with two bent down to ensure they grow correctly, to ensure another successful yield for 2024.